a luxury
made specially
for you.

Boudoir can be more than just “sexy pictures.” It can be an unforgettable experience that has profound effects on the way you see yourself. That is what I believe in offering each of my clients; a first class experience that is tailored to you. Yes, it can make for a fun gift for someone special but it is such a beautiful thing to gift this to yourself. So, I welcome you to: Embrace your body. Celebrate your life. Express your inner goddess. Radiate confidence. Invest in yourself.

more about the experience


"I loved my experience!"

I feel amazing! Seeing the images of me in this way made me love myself so much more & feel extra sexy naked! There was nothing awkward about it. It was art. Everything we did was art, empowering & beautiful.

You are so talented! Making someone feel better naked than they do clothed is a crazy, mad talented skill set. I loved my experience!

"I don't think I've ever felt more empowered and confident in my body!"

Like many women, I am insecure about certain parts of my body. My biggest fear about doing a Boudoir session was that I would not appear confident or look good in the photos. The exact opposite is portrayed in my images! I felt empowered and beautiful during the shoot and it had everything to do with Joy's confidence in me, the music she selected, the poses she chose (and showed me how to do!), her gorgeous studio and calming presence. I don't think I've ever felt more empowered and confident in my body!

"my pictures turned out great!"

My biggest fear was that my pictures would not turn out well. Instead my pictures turned out great!
My favorite part was how personable the experience was. Joy is very talented. She made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the shoot and did a great job with my photos. If there was something I did not like, she did not hesitate to fix it!